Skyshot | Aerial-Photography & Film

Skyshot | Aerial-Photography & Film

From Above -Technically Viewed, Not by the Human eye

Aerial-Photography & Film

Aerial Photography

"The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts" This saying fits the philosophy of the Skyshot GmbH perfectly. Assuming one has the technical equipment and the necessary funds, aerial photography can be done by anyone. However, the right perspective, the intuition for exciting image formation and years of experience in the foto and film industry make "Skyshot aerial photography" very unique.

Cumulative Know How

Our shots represent the cumulative know how of both, sport and landscape photographer Markus Greber and film specialist Christian Walter. To get the aerial shots we desire, we use a GPS controlled drone, otherwise used by the military. The result - brilliant photos and film which reveal our world from a new perspective. Changing Views - That's what we are all about!