Skyshot | Aerial-Photography for Tourism, Events & Sport

Skyshot | Aerial-Photography for Tourism, Events & Sport

Aerial Photography and Video


Skyshot aerial photography highlights the scenic beauty of your region as a whole. For your advertising, catalogue or poster. Are you a Hotel owner and want to show your guests more than the face of your building? We can present your location three dimensionally - from a bird's eye view.


Skyshot aerial photography changes a specific number of individuals into a huge anonymous bulk, should you want to give an outsider an overview of the attendance, the atmosphere and the location of your event.


Closer at to the subject - this old photographer's wisdom becomes a new meaning with the Skyshot technique: hovering around 10 meters we cross the trajectory of a dirtjumper on his mountainbike. We fly in the middle of a cart race track, without limits or safety clearances needed.